Feeling trapped in your job

You’ll Never Work A Job You Hate Again!

An article by Isla Waldron to help you understand that decisions are made on a daily basis, not just a one time only! If you are feeling trapped in your job, now is the time to realise that all you need to do is release the clasp. Life’s too short to be stuck in the wrong job!

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Life’s too short to be feeling trapped in your job

Do you ever grow up to meet the expectations you had when you were a teenager?

Have you ever thought …
– Why did I study THAT subject?
– Why did I take THAT job?
– What is my dream lifestyle because, sure as hell, THIS isn’t  it?
– How on earth did I get to be right HERE?

– What will I do when I GROW UP?

You recognise that there is easy access to education, resources and technology which lends itself to support equal opportunity in the world.

You excitedly inform all children that they can do and be whatever they want when they grow up! The world is THEIR oyster, if they are prepared to put the effort in!

You challenge them to think bigger … dream bigger … desire more … and then go get it !!!

But wait … aren’t you feeling trapped in your job crippled with the fear of a career change?

Feeling trapped in your job – How did you get here?

On recollection of your life, you realise that for ‘me’, the world isn’t full of opportunities … I must have missed my cue in life. To be fair, times were very different in ‘your day’, all this technology wasn’t readily available and now I’m too old.

Looking back, you did everything right, you followed all the rules of ‘that time’ !!!

You slogged at school – got the grades, slogged through the courses – got the job, slogged for the promotion – got more money and now, you continue the slog to keep on top of that ever-growing workload and responsibility so that you can rapidly progress down the dark and lonely road you call ‘my career’.

And all of this heart wrenching agony for what?

The answer, for most, usually starts and finishes with money.

Feeling trapped in your job – Money often costs too much

Selling our time for money
Trading our valuable time for money

Let’s face it, the bills need to be paid.

And so you settle the cost of your dreams with your employer.
Your SALARY = The COST of your soul’s desire.
At a premature age you yearn for retirement (often decades early) … until then, you crave the weekends, the public holidays, the annual getaways and then as soon as they start, you begin to dread the thoughts of going back to work.

Your side-lined dreams and phony desires have shaped the reality of your current life.

Feeling trapped in your job – Misunderstood ‘Encouragement’

Adult leading their child by example
Step up. Lead by example. Let’s take responsibility for your own dreams and aspirations

A deceit bigger than Father Christmas … are you setting your beloved youth up for failure?

Personally, I don’t think so!

You just desperately hope that it will be different for them, and by selling your aspirations off at the highest price, you focus on helping the next generation carve out their greatest dreams in this complex world.

Be very careful here !   This is dangerous territory !
Ask yourself “Am I settling in the wrong job so that I can realise a version of my dreams in their life?”

If this is a possibility, be very aware that you are now putting added pressure on your children to over succeed because they must carry your dreams along with their own.

Please don’t label this arrogance as ‘encouragement’.

Achieving your dreams is easy … one step at a time!

The grown-up thing to do is to step up and lead by example. Taking the responsibility to raise your asking price for your aspirations.

This will never be achieved by asking for a payrise. With a payrise comes more responsibility and expectations from your employer. Figure out what you are missing in life … which (if we are honest) is not necessarily always money.

A career change at 40 is as easy as a career change at 30 or 20! And so too is a career change at 50! In this day and age, having a new career for senior citizens is a real prospect! Open your eyes to the possibilities this new age is offering! You are still alive, are you?  … so live the life you want!

The possibilities are endless. Do not let feeling trapped in your job stop you !

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Breaking into the online market is easy these days for ALL ages! Technology is getting more and more user friendly which supports all age end users. Follow that which ignites your passion.

When that feeling of excitement and love boils up inside, you know you are on the right path … keep doing more of whatever that is.

You know the saying “Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life” … well it’s true!


Step up! Let’s be the example to our beloved taking responsibility for our own dreams and aspirations.

If ‘financial rewards’ and ‘more time’ is your goal, then embark on something called a Digital Lifestyle by learning to earn money online.  Maybe, like me and thousands of others, you will want to have your own online business where you can earn additional income from hobbies to cover your monthly mortgage repayments, pay for that annual holiday or just earn extra money for retirement.

Just make sure you do this in conjunction with something that brings you closer to your heart’s desire.

Jay and Stu at Six Figure Mentors programme made this possible for me. Through their training programme, I learned everything I needed to know about creating a sustainable & profitable online business. And you can too … move towards freedom instead of feeling trapped in your job. Life’s too short!


Crippling today’s youth with our wrinkled dreams and threadbare baggage will not bring us ultimate happiness. Our beloved children will be picking up enough of their own baggage as they venture through this glorious  life.

Let’s be the example for them to follow. Regardless of your background, age or status, every journey starts with just one step.  What step are you going to take to change your future?

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