Good habits for creating change

The Secret to Creating Change In Your Life – Fast!

An article by Isla Waldron on a secret aiding good habits for creating change. If you are feeling disillusioned and disheartened with your life, now is the time to take action … even if it is a small one … just take that one step to a brighter future.

So what is this Secret?

The Secrets is understanding that all you have to do is change a habit. Now, you may throw your eyes up to the heavens and think … Doh!

But please read on … if you understand and appreciate what a habit REALLY is, then ‘in this awareness’ of understanding you are one step closer to good habits for creating change. Trust me! This works!

According to Collins dictionary, a ‘habit’ is something that we do often or regularly.

Our daily routines (‘habits’ in themselves) actively recreate our future. Depending on our mindset / frame of mind / mood, it can be easy or challenging to make adjustments to the way we live which ultimately affect our future.

Just like the experience of trying to stop smoking, lose weight or stop biting your nails … some people have success going ‘cold turkey’, most don’t.

Most people look at others and think “yeah, but they have great willpower, this is what got them to succeed”. But I’ll let you in on another secret … willpower alone will only get you so far. Let’s toy with the idea of willpower for a moment, just assume that willpower is the same as a mental imagine.

Most people make a habit of thinking about the long road to recovery (i.e. changing the old habit) to get the new result. This makes you more likely to give up. Every time you get an urge to do the old habit, you think about the uncomfortableness of the current situation, the struggle that you are experiencing and you really feel the pain and torture.

But what would happen if you distracted yourself with the imagine and feelings of already having the end result?

Habitual Living

The majority of mankind live habitual lives. We carry out tasks and routines so often in our lives that they become second nature and little attention is needed to complete them successfully.

For example, each of us are likely to follow consistent rituals daily which could look like …
– snooze the alarm one/twice/trice
– get out of bed the same side
– go to the toilet
– jump in the shower
– get dressed
– have breakfast – usually the same thing
– travel to work via the usual route
– interact with the same people throughout the day
– sit at the same desk … and so on.
Not only with physical routines, we also have mental and emotional ones.

Memories cause emotional responses

A ‘memory’ is a particular recollection of an event, person, etc

Depending on its intensity, certain memories are linked to very strong emotions.

If a particular memory is highly charged, it will ignite a certain emotional response in our bodies. Then the body gets to work to activate other feelings which are associated to that thought.

Now, if the memory is filled with excitement, happiness and love, then we are going to have a wonderful experience.

But, if the memory is one of despair, lose and anger, then we are going to have a very painful time. Highly charged memories can embed themselves in our lives for days, weeks, months and even years.

Why is this? Why can’t we shake them off?

Old photos (memories) collected in a box
Don’t live your life in the past

Living a life in the past

It is important to notice that memories are from the past.

Our bodies cannot tell the difference between something that is happening currently or a mental picture (thought). Our bodies and minds are linked.

The mind will feed the body a thought and the body will recreate the relevant internal emotions and feelings.

When we wake in the morning with a highly charged negative thought, our whole day is lived in that dreadful past experience.

If this experience lives in us for hours or days, others might see us as being in a mood.

If it lasts for weeks or months, it is seen as a temperance.

If it lasts for years or decades, it becomes our personality trait.

The experience becomes who we are. The reality is that we are living every day in the past governed by a set of thoughts and emotions.  The body is like a computer which is hard wired to play out our pre-programmed thoughts.

Making a change is challenging

The Law of Attraction “is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on”.  If we continuously ponder on old thoughts, then our reality (and future) will mimic the exact same past events and experiences.

Have you ever wondered how some people always attract the wrong sort of partner in their life?

There are no mistakes or coincidences in life! We are creative beings defining our reality based on our current belief systems.

Our future will be predefined by our past if we only ever think about past experiences!

When we try to make changes, our body’s pre-programmed habit is difficult to budge.

For instance if you want to change your life, maybe have a digital lifestyle and start your own business, the body will be quite excited initially but given time fear would creep in saying “this won’t work, you’re not good enough”, “honestly, who do you think you are, just get a day job!”, “you’re going to lose lots of money which you don’t have, this will be a disaster” etc. etc. etc.

In the “I’m changing my life” zone, the body finds itself in the unknown with no pre-programmed agenda to follow. It wants to keep doing the things that it has been doing for the last 20 or 30 years, these things were safe and the outcome was pre-determinable. To the body, it all worked fine, after all … we are still alive, aren’t we?

So what do we do to break free?

If you want a new outcome, you will have to break the habit of being yourself, and reinvent a new self.” – Joe Dispenza

Good habits for creating change – My Perfect Day

When starting out on a new path, it is important to get the mindset right. One powerful way to do this is by creating a personal visualisation which fills us with love, gratitude and warmth.

Believe it or not, this is easy!

Just write down Your Perfect Day.

Where appropriate add lots and lots of detail. Include information on how you feel at any particular moment. Add things about what you see, hear, touch and smell. As you write your Perfect Day, create the images in your head and describe the images in your story.

Woman enjoying sunset
The skies are the limit

This is your life, your story! Be imaginative. Be the star and shine brightly!

When complete, read it over numerous of times. Love it, let it make you fuzzy and warm inside. See the brightness in the images and feel the warmth in each scene as you progress from morning to night. Let it fill you with gratitude, love and light.

Making the change

So now you have a powerful visualisation created in your mind. The body cannot decipher whether this is real or not, all it knows is how to react and feel when this scene is played in your head.

It will be treated just like any other thought!

The next time you feel your emotions going into that old familiar negative space, take notice … you have just had a thought which is not serving you. The body is in a place of security, it knows how this scene plays out and it is comfortable going along for the ride.

Immediately change your thought! If you can, close your eyes, plug in earphones maybe play relaxing music but block out all other external sensations as much as possible.

Think about your Perfect Day from start to finish. Feel all of the gloriousness and wonderance of this scene. Our minds cannot hold two opposing thoughts at once, so give your full attention to your Perfect Day story. The body cannot resist it, stay with your story and it will follow to produce the right emotions!

For me, I wanted to create my own business. Being a business owner, mindset is key and creating new habits fast is important. If interested, you can find out more about my story here

In conclusion

Our past makes up who we are today, but we should not let it pre-define our future.

Make Good habits for creating change in your life


Whatever your goal, whether it is owning your own business, losing weight or simply living a happier lifestyle, give yourself the gift of inspiring visualisations. Rise to your aspirations!

You will be surprised by how quickly your Perfect Day becomes your reality.

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