Career change at Any Age

Thousands Now Have A Profitable Online Business Who Never Thought They Could! 

Are you missing out on important family events because of work?
Is this really what you expected from life?

Have you ever asked yourself why are you letting this continue to happen?

Career Change At Any Age!

Some time back I was challenged on these questions too, but for the first time, a viable solution (for me) was also tagged to the questions.

Are you ready to embark on a journey to make a career change at any age? Did you know that the average age for start-up business is 40 + years old? This is a well documented fact, check out these studies from Northwestern and Duke University.

Would you like to explore the options to be your own boss?

Thousands now have a profitable business who never thought they could, are you curious?

If so, then read on and I’ll show you the solution that worked for me.

The Phony Lifestyle

My work commitments made me cut-short and even miss out on cherished family events. I lost contact with good friends over the years and felt like the loneliest person in the world. but, I got paid well and had a very attractive lifestyle.

Alone on a couch read Fake News newspaper
My life was fake

From the outside, it looked as if life was great for us … I was perceived as being a high-flyer, we had the nice house, fancy cars and family holidays. But behind the facade, reality was very different.

Money was the only thing keeping me in my career, my passion had long since died.

A career change was not an option, I tried this already ending right back here AGAIN! It seemed like “This is Who I Am”. I used to think that I just needed to stick with it and struggle through . After all, isn’t life about the challenges we overcome?

Plus, I was too old to change career again! Taking the time out to spend another 4 years in university was NOT an option. This, I couldn’t afford financially or energetically.

The Painful Reality

Because I travelled so much my relationship with my husband was held together by strings and a mobile phone. The breaking point for me was when we had to live in different countries because of my career.

Life was falling apart and I knew it, the time had come, something had to give … my job or my partner. The thoughts of losing him was unbearable and losing our lifestyle was not ideal either.

No amount of motivational YouTube videos, self-development help books or hap-hazard meditation/yoga sessions was going to get me out of this pickle.

Then by some miraculous divine timing, an Ad showed up during a motivational YouTube video offering a viable ‘career change at any age’. It seemed genuine and I was intrigued.

Career Change at any Age

Quickly I realised that I would have to learn some new skills … yeah sure, I’m old but I not too old to learn !

Life’s too short to be stuck in a job you hate! So, I took the plunge again except this time with a money-back guarantee in place, so I had nothing to lose!

I joined a revolutionary community of like-minded people who were living the life I wanted.

Most of them have very profitable online businesses doing lots of different things. Some in the community just want to earn extra cash to top up their pensions, or pay for their holiday, mortgage etc and others are living the entrepreneurial dream and managed to successfully sack their boss!

The beauty of this community is that you can choose what you want. The support is amazing and so many people want to help!

Hand-holding business set up and training
Easy to follow ‘how to’ steps

On-demand hand-holding video training sessions are given to simplify the learning process. There is even an online business model available so that beginners can start earning within 3-4 weeks! People of all ages are involved making me believe that a career change at any age is possible! Sounding too good to be true?

The Solution to My Pain

Yes, I get this. Initially, I was sceptical too.
IMPORTANT point to note is that this programme is neither a
      • ‘Get Rich Overnight!’ business model nor a
      • Multi-Level Marking (MLM) strategy

If you want this, then go no further. That is NOT what I am offering you!

The state-of-the-art programme which I am about to show you is designed for SUSTAINABLE income.

If you are serious about creating an online business and having a career change at any age, then you will need a computer and internet connect. If this is not too daunting, then this could be for you!

No experience required! You do not even need to be highly computer literate, you will get all the help you need to succeed … if you want to.

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Then decide for yourself if this is for you!
No strings attached.
I promise!
Thank you for reading my post, I wish you the best of luck in your online business. This is an exciting time to be living in.
Do not hesitate to contact me directly by using my Contact page.
Kindest regards, Isla.

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